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Low-pressure gear pumps ZPG
In general, low-pressure gear pumps ZPG ability to transfer fluids and lubricating abrasive solid particles is used.
The maximum temperature of the fluid pumped ......... 80''C
Maximum pressure transfer pump ........... 6 bar
All of these pumps for pumping oil, oil, diluents, emulsifiers, the quantity of materials, molasses and bitumen, Alkali, polishing and sodium silicate (liquid glass) and ... Are used.
Also these pumps for lubricating and cooling systems of machines and equipment for low pressure hydraulic drive systems and ... Be used.
ZPG horizontal type gear pumps and gear system connecting the lower body, which are foreigners.
Gears are fastened on the axis and on the other by Bvshy is supported by bearings are self-lubricating fluid transfer.
Non-radial forces applied to the axis of the drum and release the fluid pressure inside information with regard to the working conditions are consistent pump, is reachable.
Nmdha bowl with a band of seals around the drive shaft prevents the pumped fluid.








Safety Components
ZPG pumps are supplied with a relief valve with a maximum nominal pressure - fluid must be pumped back into the input space inside the pump stop and do it through the pump is the body of the done.
As a general rule, transfers torque directly and by a flexible coupling is done. While the pumps are equipped with different types of electric motors are located on a common frame pumps are supplied as standard set.
At lower engine speeds and gear reduction is used between the pump and the motor is a special gear box.
For the
The standard pump rotation is clockwise when seen from the side of the stimulus.
In certain applications, the pumps can be provided if counterclockwise, it is the path and file transfer fluid. It is impossible for the two to be similar to the use of a pump.
Type of pump
Type with Mark "LO" is defined as the standard material can be considered the main parts consist of the following materials:
• Pump body, casing and / or housing shell of the drum are made of gray cast iron.
• Gears and shafts are made of carbon steel.
• Bvshy bearings and carbon steel and are coated with bronze.
View of the internal components of the shear type seal with graphite

Selection of speed
In general the following rules:
For fluids with higher viscosity lubricant capability of doing more with less, and the duration of.
infusion should be considered a lower rotational speeds.
Low viscosity fluids are diluted to the lubricating capabilities are especially useful at higher rotational speeds of the maximum fluid pressure to be transferred be selected.
Velocity of the fluid within the pump pressure and dimensions are as follows:

The maximum rotational speed of 1,000 min-1 For cooling lubricants and other fluids to dilute the lubricant viscosity in the range of 76 mm2.s-1 to 304 mm2.s-1 respectively, the smallest and largest of them is related to the pump.

The maximum rotational speed  750 min-1 For your fluids more viscous lubricant viscosity in the range of 228 mm2.s-1 to 1,140 mm2.s-1 respectively, such that the smallest and largest type pumps are concerned.

The maximum rotational speed of 500 min-1 For heavy oil, bitumen, molasses and polishing and other fluids with higher viscosities, respectively, the smallest and largest of its type pumps are concerned.

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