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BT displacement gear pump
Construction of pump BT (back door has been removed)
BT and BTH series pumps are gear pumps low speed displacement fluid for medium and high viscosity fluids are used, provided that at least a certain amount of the lubrication properties , the terms of without any solids material is used in the manufacture of chemical substances is consistent .
Standard material of construction of pump chamber , the chamber cover lid and sealed bearings are gray cast iron . The steel shafts and gears with hardened and grinding , surface hardness increase is made . Shfty on bearing beds ( Sajmh s) is located , is made of bronze . Sintered bronze instead of iron can be used as an alternative option .
Shaft sealing cap sealing a wall that is made of PTFE coated fiber aramind .
Static seal between the stationary components , by adhesive or sealant or sealing is done by the washers . All materials are asbestos -free sealing .
Permissible external axial loads but no radial loads can be limited depending on the size and direction of the load is Jzbnd .
This pump flexible couplings ( compared to other couplings ) to transmit power from the engine to the pump is preferred .
Where the pumped fluid flow required to increase the temperature (such as bitumen , waxes ( beeswax ) , etc.), BTH series pumps should be used . In this model, the pump body is double walled chamber temperature is between these two .
Transmission fluid in the pump chamber through the fluid circulating in the chamber, heat or steam heater , is heated .
The area covered by the specific type of model can be specified are described below .
BT2 other pumps with structure and acid corrosion resistant ( stainless steel body and gears ) , with Carbon Bush for the bearings is presented. Working pressure of the pump is limited to Bar 5 .
BT1 to BT4 model pump casing can be made of bronze , while the possibility of gears and shafts are made ​​of stainless steel . The use of these pumps in case of pump fluid nature Sayndgy or corrosive high impact ( including resins, paints and oils, such as certain types of adhesives ) , a special structure is proposed under the Code No./04 the pumps are available in the size BT1 and BT7 .
In this way all pump parts that are in contact with the fluid displaced by the binding of a substrate made ​​of Ni / Sic chemical method fragments deposited on the face of erosion and corrosion are protected . This operation longevity in comparison with the case of the standard model to be used for such fluids increases .
Type of connection The base
Pipe Connection Tubes with screw connection
Direction of rotation Clockwise and counterclockwise
Weight See more
Position (installed) Horizontal
Temperature (The minimum temperature) Vu min = -10’C
(The maximum temperature) Vu max = 60’C
Functional Specifications
Of pressure
Input -0.4 bar = Pe min
Output 8 bar = PN
1 bar to BT0
5 bar to BT2 stainless steel
The maximum pressure in the heat 10 bar = PH
Temperature range -10''C = Vm min
220''C = Vm max
Viscosity range 76 mm2/s = Vmin
30000 mm2/s = Vmax
Viscosity other than the above range are also requested
Outflow See More
Speed ​​input 100 1/min = nmin
750 1/min = nmax
Appropriate fluid
Oil, cutting oil coolers Waste oil Adhesives, plastics
Soluble material, hardened steel Bitumen Rigid materials possible
Rowling, oil Draying Color resin
diesel fuel grease glue, liquid glue
oil furnace solvents, synthetic resin molasses s
Lubricants polish Nitro Cellulose (nitro lacquers) wax, cellulose, and ...
Other species
Pump with an electric motor, coupling and coupling guard is installed on a single chassis.
Flexible Couplings
Higher working pressures are also requested.
Model Code
Displacement gear pump BT-ATEX
BT series pumps designed according to ATEX standards are also presented.
a. In Zone 2 (Gas-Ex, Category 3G)
in explosion groups IIA and IIB and IIC
b. In Zone 1 (Gas-Ex, Category 2G)
in explosion groups IIA and IIB and IIC
T4 temperature tolerance levels specified.
(The value of T1 to T6 to move towards more stringent conditions on the surface temperature of the pump consider)
The survival of gases, vapors and dust with higher combustion temperature of 135, the pumps do not create sparks.
Allowable temperature range is as follows: -20''C<= Ta<=6-''C

Identified in accordance with the pump EC Directive RL 94/9/EG

BT type pumps ATEX design is based on a fluid receiver is equipped with a mechanical seal.
On this level there is a split tank filler receiving fluid through the fluid that fills the recipient. To control the leakage rate of the micro-channel of the mechanical seal is used.
BT-ATEX station building
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